Designer Shalena Smith on The REAL Talk Show

Exciting news!

Designer Shalena Smith was on The REAL Talk Show today, 05/06, at 3:00PM PST, but if you missed it you can still catch it tonight on BET. Watch Shalena completely transform a space for a mom and dad-to-be who both recently lost their jobs! Watch her hook them up with a nursery of their dreams!

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Shalena Smith on The Real Talk Show

Shalena Smith on The Real Talk Show

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Nursery Designer Shalena Smith on The Real Talk Show

*Photo courtesy of The REAL

Powerful in Pink: Ariah’s Nursery Reveal

I’m so excited to reveal my latest celebrity nursery and share my heart and the spirit that went into designing it!! 

I’ve had the privilege of designing the nursery for Tamera Mowry and revealing it on her website, Below is what I posted on her site as a guest blogger, but please visit her site to see more pictures and enjoy other lovely post on her blog.

All along this fun, creative journey, we’ve referred to this nursery as “Pretty In Pink”. It was the theme of Tamera’s amazing shower, and made sense, but as I look at the finished product, I can’t help but to think that while yes, it is “pretty”, what we really created for sweet little Ariah was a space that says “Power in Pink”. For months, Tamera and I have been preparing for her baby girl’s arrival and along the way I’ve been able to share with you how-to’s and tips based off of my design process, so today I’d rather try to share with you the part that doesn’t come with a how-to… the heart and spirit that went into it.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the sweetness of a little girl! We did tap into that, as it is almost impossible not to. However, as I know from experience with my own two beauties, it is so important to not just give our girls the idea that their power and worth is tied into their beauty and sweetness, but more so into their faith, heart and conviction.

When I look at the crown above the crib, I don’t see the crown of a princess, but of a future queen of creation and love. When I look at the angel wings on the wall, I don’t just see that they are there because Ariah herself is a heavenly, little angel (which let’s face it, she is), but that they are a reminder that all the heavenly angels above will be watching over Ariah, as she plays, as she sleeps, as she grows, to protect and guide her spirit.

Tamera Mowry Nursery for baby Ariah

Tamera Mowry Nursery for baby Ariah


Speaking strictly about the design elements, I would have to say that my most loved aspect of the room is the way the gold crown and the beautiful Bratt Décor crib look against the two-tone striped wall, which adds sophistication. Also, the personalized ceiling medallion, pillow and gorgeous chandelier add a perfect hint of glamour, but again, my most favorite touches came from the heart, with anticipation of love-filled moments of the future. Like the tiny stool in the corner, that Tamera has had for years. She thought it was the perfect addition to the room, because one day, big brother Aden will sit there and read his baby sister stories. Or the soccer ball artwork hanging on the wall, which was Daddy’s special addition to the room, because yes, she’ll be Daddy’s little girl, but that only means he’ll be cheering her on that much louder from the sidelines when she scores the winning goal for her team.

No matter the project, or the client, the final step of my process is to stand in the finished labor of love that is the nursery and say a prayer asking for only the deepest most profound love and protection be brought to the little soul who’s cries and laughter will soon fill the four walls around me. I had that moment with Tamera. That moment, more than the nursery itself, is what keeps me coming back for more.

Little Ariah will surely be pretty in pink in this nursery for many years to come, but she will be powerful in purpose for all the years that follow. — Shalena

To see the completed blog and see additional pictures, click here.

God bless,

Shalena Smith

Quick Tips To Makeover Your Family Room

Here are a few quick tips to makeover your family room!

We all get tired of the same look year after year and we hesitate to redecorate because of time and money. What if you could transform the look of your space without spending thousands of dollars and wasting lots of time?

Here are a few quick and inexpensive tips to get your makeover started and it only took one week and $600 in new purchases.

  • First declutter the space. You’d be surprised how quickly your space opens up once unnecessary items have been removed. Once you can breathe again move on to the next step.
  • Figure out what you want your accent color to be. What piece of furniture or art will be your inspiration for the makeover?
  • Add a pop of color by incorporating new pillows and a throw blanket.
  • Decorate with candles, flowers and make your space feel homey and warm by adding new picture frames with current family photos.
  • Organize and redecorate your bookshelf or console table with cute little knickknacks.
  • Decorate your table with a cute inexpensive center piece or a decorated serving tray.

Here are a few pictures from a Los Angeles family room makeover. What space in your home needs a space-lift? Please let me know how I can help you and if you have any questions.

God bless,

Shalena Smith

Add extra color and texture to your room by lining a bookcase.

Add extra color and texture to your room by lining a bookcase.

Declutter and organize. The add a few new accessories.

Declutter and organize. Then add a few new accessories.

Add a simple table center piece and runner.

Add a simple center piece and table runner.

Purchase a serving tray and decorate it for your coffee table or ottoman.

Purchase a serving tray and decorate it for your coffee table or ottoman.

So simple and easy to do. This picture frame added some height to the side table and tied in our color.

So simple and easy to do. This picture frame added some height to the side table and tied in our color.

Spurs up your old sofa with a few new pillow and a throw blanket. Also incorporating your new color.

Spurs up your old sofa with a few new pillow and a throw blanket. Also incorporating your new color.

Organize and declutter giving the space a fresh new look. Plus add a few new frames and photos to update the space.

Organize and declutter giving the space a fresh new look. Plus add a few new frames and photos to update the space.

What Does it Take to be a Woman?

A dear friend of mine wrote this beautiful piece asking the question, “What Does it Take to be a Woman?”
I hope it blesses, encourages, and inspires you today. You have what it takes!

Photo by Epic Imagery -

Photo by Epic Imagery –

What Does it Take to be a Woman?

By Angie Merrill

Are you ready to be,
From the time you’re two or three,
Commended when you are being good
And acting like you should
With dollies, books, and blocks
Colorful bows and ruffle socks
Hushed when you become too wild and loud
Warned about the dangers in a big crowd
Because you are delicate and small
And they don’t want anything to happen to you at all?

Are you ready to fix,
From the time you are six,
Your hair in a pony tail or bun
So you can run and have fun
Without anything getting in the way.
To say “Okay,”
When told not to get messy or hurt
If you play in the dirt
Or while trying to climb a tree
When your spirit longs to explore and be free
Can you be sweet and kind and never abrupt
Control your emotions and not interrupt
Try your best not to act bossy or crazy
Since that wouldn’t be fitting of a young lady?

Are you ready to shelve
From the time you’re eleven or twelve
Uterine aches and irritability
And opt for civility
Even when cramps are too much to bear
To carry on with a smile
Though it feels like a trial
To continue work and school at the top of your game
As if everything is exactly the same
When Aunt Flow is ruining your week somehow
Knowing she’ll be back about 28 days from now?

Are you able to glean
From the time you’re thirteen
wisdom and grace
As you inevitably face
Competitiveness, cattiness, and such
And pretend cyber bullying doesn’t bother you that much
Setting your insecurities aside
When you want to hide
From those who were once your friends…
To hold your head high in the halls
And have the gall
Not to believe the things they’ve said.
To dominate on the field or court
Whatever your sport
Or your dance or art or song
And prove them all wrong?

Are you able to battle—
younger than you should ever have to battle—
The images on computer, television, and movie screens
That tell you to be tall and lean
With a certain bust size
Or waist size
Or butt size
Or nose size
Or lip size
Or thigh size
If you want to be noticed or valued by guys
Or considered beautiful.
And if you fall short this standard, you must be dutiful
To go under the knife
So you can obtain the perfect image and life.
Or will you instinctively know it’s all superficial fluff
And that you are in fact good enough
When you look in the mirror and see
You are exactly as you ought to be?

And on the flipside…
Are you prepared to take in stride
The catcalls and hollers
From players and ballers
Or be ogled as you walk down the street
And just because you seem sweet
They take license to call you “baby” or “honey”
And isn’t it funny
That they’ll never know how it feels
To walk a mile in your four-inch heels
Or the courage you muster strolling alone to your car
Looking over your shoulder wherever you are
Gripping your phone and your keys tight
Just in case someone is lurking in the night?

Are you ready to strive,
Between eighteen and twenty five,
(Or whatever age, of course,
you decide to enter the workforce)
To be merited on your talents and brain
Yet get overlooked or underestimated time and again
Can you press on and persevere
When the challenges become severe
To show them that you’re immovable
That your intellect and worth is most certainly provable
Will you work hard and pursue your dream
And consider it more possible than others might deem
To finally get to the top based on your ability and smarts
And still earn 23 percent less than your male counterparts?

Are you able to endure
A love that is selfless and pure
If you embark on the journey of motherhood
To suffer miscarriage when you never thought you would
To put your heart on the line and continue to try
And feel the ecstasy of seeing that glorious line
Displayed on the pregnancy test… Read the rest of the poem here.

Design Tips for Creating a “Pretty in Pink” Nursery


Have you had a chance to check out Tamera Mowry’s website? Over the next several weeks I’ll be a guest blogger on her site. My first blog titled, “Design Tips for Creating a Pretty in Pink Nursery” was posted a few weeks ago. Truthfully these tips will come in handy for any room that you’re designing in your home so I wanted to make sure I shared it with you.

There’s way more to come and of course I can’t wait for you to see the reveal of this fabulous celebrity nursery. It’s going to be beautiful!!


Shalena with Tamera Mowry-Housley designing her "Pretty and Pink" Nursery.

Shalena with Tamera Mowry-Housley designing her “Pretty and Pink” Nursery.


Shalena Smith Touted as the Top Kids’ Space Designer

Wow!! What a huge blessing to be recognized by Mommy Nearest as one of the top 5 kids’ space designers. This is proof that anything is possible if you have a passion for your work and a love for the people that you’re working for! I started my company when my first daughter was only 3 months old. I didn’t have an official business plan, I didn’t know where the start up money was going to come from and I had more naysayers then I had supporters. I literally only had a vision and a desire to create amazing spaces for expecting parents.

Now 14 years later and all I can say is, “Look at God!!” It’s God that I credit for all of my success and for sending me all the amazing clients that I’ve had throughout the years. It’s been an amazing journey with many ups and downs, but I’m so thankful that I’ve persevered and that I continue to pursue my ultimate dreams. I’m excited about the future of my business, I look forward to growing my brand, but mostly I look forward to developing new relationships and creating fabulous spaces with you!!

Please share this post with your friends and family that might be looking for an interior designer. We do everything from whole house design projects to our favorite specialty, designing kids’ spaces. We are also on social media, follow us, all the links are below. Thank you and God bless you!! SS

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Here is a snippet of the article that named us as one of the top five nursery designers in Los Angeles.

5 Great Interior Designers For Kids’ Spaces in LA


Top Nursery Designer


National and International Nursery Designer

4 Ways to Take Your Nursery Walls from “Blah” to “Ahh!”

Happy Earth Day!

This is a guest blog post I wrote for Pish Posh Baby Blog that I think you will enjoy. You can apply these same tips to your master bedroom, family room or any space in your home that you want to quickly transform.

Is your nursery or kids space feeling unfinished or boring? Is it lacking warmth and personality? As a celebrity designer, I’m often hired—after someone has already spent thousands of dollars—to come in and makeover a space. If you feel that your nursery or kids room is missing that little something special and you want to turn it from “blah” to “ahh,” the best place to begin is with the walls. Many people feel intimidated by the thought of tackling the walls of any room, but there’s no need to fear. With the right products, tools, and a little know-how, you can make a big difference in your little one’s room no matter what your budget or skill level might be. Here are a few tips that will make you go gaga!


  1. 1. Color: Why not add a pop of color to your bare walls? When you walk into your nursery or kids room, what’s the one color that stands out the most? It may be a little blanket that inspires you, a colorful picture frame, or a cute pillow. Pick that one color that will tie in with your favorite nursery accessory and paint your walls to match. Be sure to take that item into the paint store, and they can match it for you. Easy peasy!
  2. 2. Stripes: If your space already has painted walls and you’re still not happy, then go with a striped wall. Pick the most prominent wall in the room that will get the most attention and paint stripes. Use a darker or lighter version of the color that already exists on the wall to create a tone-on-one striped wall. Or find a metallic color paint to fancy it up even more, as seen here. IMG_1034You can hire an experienced designer or painter to do this for you, or there are many great online tutorials that will show you exactly how to paint stripes using a level and high quality painter’s tape.
  3. 3. Decals: Placing an inexpensive personalized decal on the wall can add a custom feel to the nursery. Oftentimes my clients have no idea what to put on the wall above the crib. Decals are fantastic because they are lightweight and do not pose a safety hazard. They’re affordable and removable too. Here is one of my favorite decals:
  4. 4. Wallpaper: I love that wallpaper has made a fierce comeback over the last few years and has made its way back into nurseries. Depending on your budget, you can wallpaper the entire room or just a single wall. Here is an example: (To purchase wallpaper visit Tempaper.) nursery wallpaper

Transforming the walls of your nursery or kids room takes just a little TLC from you. It’s truly the first step in turning the room from “blah” to “ahh!” In some cases it may also require patience as you shop around and find the perfect pieces that are within your budget. It may be a project that you have to do a little at a time or, if you’re lucky, all at once. Either way, just be patient, you’ll eventually get there. And whatever you do, be sure you enjoy the process!

Have fun!

Shalena Smith


Tamera Mowry-Housley’s Sweet Baby Shower!

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, I celebrated the upcoming arrival of Tamera and Adam Housley’s daughter at their “Pretty in Pink” baby shower, held at the Casa del Mar Hotel in Malibu. It was beautiful! I was greeted with such love and warmth, as all her closest friends and family gathered to celebrate such a special occasion. They hired the talented Mindy Weiss to create the sweetest girly environment. Everything was perfect, from the flowers to the favors, and of course the glowing mommy couldn’t have been more radiant.

Be sure to pick up this weeks US Weekly magazine for the entire scoop and visit Tamera’s website for more pinterest worthy photos. I was able to capture a few images of my own and I thought I would share.

Enjoy, Shalena

Pretty in pink baby shower goodies at Tamera Mowry-Housley Baby Shower

Nursery and kids room designer Shalena Smith with event planner Mindy Weiss

Nursery designer Shalena Smith and event planner Mindy Weiss take a selfie at Tamera and Adam Housley’s baby shower.

Tamera and Adam Housley, photo by Shalena Smith

A special moment captured between Adam and Tamera Housley.

Tamera Mowry-Housley and her nursery designer Shalena Smith at the baby shower.

It's a girl Tamera's has a bun in the oven cake!

Gaga Designs gift basket with Lucky Jade Cashmere blanket and Romper, plus a Yikes Twins Princess Hooded Towel.

Gaga Designs gift basket with Lucky Jade Cashmere blanket and Romper, plus a Yikes Twins Princess Hooded Towel.

The Depth of your Struggle…

My sister just texted me this quote to encourage me after some disappointing news I received today. In return, I wanted to share it with you.

“The depth of your struggle will determine the height of your success!”

She ended her text by letting me know that it’s okay to be disappointed tonight as long as I know that, “Joy comes in the morning.” I’m thankful to have people in my corner, cheering me on, dusting me off along the way, but mostly I’m thankful that my encouragement and hope comes from the Lord. I know that He is the ultimate decision maker and that as long as I rely on His direction, nothing is impossible!!

I’m reminded of a scripture in Galatians and as I’m feeling a little “tender” (as my dear friend Angie would say) I will keep it close to my heart. I pray that you have the same hope in the Lord and if by chance you’re struggling with something today, that you will also hold this scripture close.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Continue to press on and never give up on your dreams!




Happy March!!

I hope 2015 is off to a great start for you, I can’t believe March is already here!

I just wanted to hop online to say hello and that I hope to blog more in the near future to update you on the amazing things going on in the world of Baby Concierge and Interior Design.

I also wanted to encourage you to use this year to pursue your dreams without hesitation. Enjoy life by doing what you love, while serving and giving to others! Be undaunted, without fear of the future!!

God bless you!!