Powerful in Pink: Ariah’s Nursery Reveal

I’m so excited to reveal my latest celebrity nursery and share my heart and the spirit that went into designing it!! 

I’ve had the privilege of designing the nursery for Tamera Mowry and revealing it on her website, TameraMowry.com Below is what I posted on her site as a guest blogger, but please visit her site to see more pictures and enjoy other lovely post on her blog.

All along this fun, creative journey, we’ve referred to this nursery as “Pretty In Pink”. It was the theme of Tamera’s amazing shower, and made sense, but as I look at the finished product, I can’t help but to think that while yes, it is “pretty”, what we really created for sweet little Ariah was a space that says “Power in Pink”. For months, Tamera and I have been preparing for her baby girl’s arrival and along the way I’ve been able to share with you how-to’s and tips based off of my design process, so today I’d rather try to share with you the part that doesn’t come with a how-to… the heart and spirit that went into it.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the sweetness of a little girl! We did tap into that, as it is almost impossible not to. However, as I know from experience with my own two beauties, it is so important to not just give our girls the idea that their power and worth is tied into their beauty and sweetness, but more so into their faith, heart and conviction.

When I look at the crown above the crib, I don’t see the crown of a princess, but of a future queen of creation and love. When I look at the angel wings on the wall, I don’t just see that they are there because Ariah herself is a heavenly, little angel (which let’s face it, she is), but that they are a reminder that all the heavenly angels above will be watching over Ariah, as she plays, as she sleeps, as she grows, to protect and guide her spirit.

Tamera Mowry Nursery for baby Ariah

Tamera Mowry Nursery for baby Ariah


Speaking strictly about the design elements, I would have to say that my most loved aspect of the room is the way the gold crown and the beautiful Bratt Décor crib look against the two-tone striped wall, which adds sophistication. Also, the personalized ceiling medallion, pillow and gorgeous chandelier add a perfect hint of glamour, but again, my most favorite touches came from the heart, with anticipation of love-filled moments of the future. Like the tiny stool in the corner, that Tamera has had for years. She thought it was the perfect addition to the room, because one day, big brother Aden will sit there and read his baby sister stories. Or the soccer ball artwork hanging on the wall, which was Daddy’s special addition to the room, because yes, she’ll be Daddy’s little girl, but that only means he’ll be cheering her on that much louder from the sidelines when she scores the winning goal for her team.

No matter the project, or the client, the final step of my process is to stand in the finished labor of love that is the nursery and say a prayer asking for only the deepest most profound love and protection be brought to the little soul who’s cries and laughter will soon fill the four walls around me. I had that moment with Tamera. That moment, more than the nursery itself, is what keeps me coming back for more.

Little Ariah will surely be pretty in pink in this nursery for many years to come, but she will be powerful in purpose for all the years that follow. — Shalena

To see the completed blog and see additional pictures, click here.

God bless,

Shalena Smith

Modernized Circus Themed Nursery

“Lion, and tigers and bears! Oh my!…”

I couldn’t be more pleased with how this nursery came out! You have to be careful to not overdo it when creating a circus themed nursery. To accomplish a modernize look we stayed away from the traditional primary colors and used soft neutral tones. I customized the furniture with a grey paint blended with a carmel stain to tie in the clients windows. The roman shades I designed also tied in with the accent color. I love how the rug by Surya added a pop of color with the orange stripe. We personalized it with a custom canvas centered with the crib, adding a monkey and elephant on each size to complement the subtle theme. Last but not least, we went over the top with the life size giraffe!! Mr. Giraffe was a total hit at the baby shower by the way when I delivered it. (Ask us about our exclusive Baby Registry Concierge.) So much fun!!!

There was also an unexpected little nook in the corner of this nursery. I used that space to put our Gaga Designs custom chair, side table and sconces. Oh, and did you see the navy blue trim out on the ceiling? It highlights the chandelier and it adds a nice surprise without having to paint the entire ceiling.

I loved creating this space. Email us at info@gagadesigns.com or call us at 818-366-8787 to purchase any of the items you see in this awesome nursery.

I love my job!! xoxo


Tamera Mowry’s Angels in the Outfield Nursery- Get the Look!

Visit Gaga Designs to see products featured in both Tamera’s Napa Valley and Los Angeles Nursery!

Yours truly was on the Tia & Tamera show last night designing my latest celebrity nursery that I titled, Angels in the Outfield! If you missed it check your TV guide listing for the episode titled, “Tussle and Flow” on Style Network.

Also check out the article on Mystyle.com, Design Home Run! Shalena Smith on Tamera’s Vintage Baseball Nursery to get all the scoop on the vintage baseball-themed nursery in the L.A. condo.

The look and feel of this nursery was accomplished by using one of the best bedding companies in the business, Bella Notte Linens! I wanted the room to be soft and angelic so I worked with David to create a sky mural and the baseball chandelier gave it the finishing touch! This room was created with LOVE, as all my nurseries are because I truly love what I do! The nursery wouldn’t be completed without the comfy Angel Song glider and custom American-made furniture that is built to grow up with baby Aden.

I’ll post more pictures of the room in the near future. I just didn’t want to keep you waiting on the product details.

God bless you!!

SS xo



It’s Kind of Fun to Do the Impossible!

Pregnant Tamera Mowry-Housley

This blog post is inspired by my clients Adam and Tamera Housley. This is the quote they gave me for their Napa Valley nursery. I took that quote and had a canvas designed to match the nursery. It’s always important for me to create an environment that’s reflective of my clients beliefs and personality. Often times rooms are designed as if they are being “staged” and although very stylish, the client doesn’t feel like their story or life is apart of it. My goal is make sure that never happens!


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!” Adam and Tamera’s life and love for each other has inspired me and made this quote very real in my life!

After much prayer, I made some very big decisions last month that has caused me to take a huge leap of faith. I’m moving into a new season that may be a little unfamiliar and the road less traveled but I’m looking forward to it all! I’m about to embark on the impossible and I’m so excited to share my journey with you.


I’ll end this blog with a scripture that’s close to my heart: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 Wow, the best is yet to come!

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SS xo